Sally Williams

Before having children I worked as a news and sports reporter for ITV London News. My maternity leave for my first child coincided with my husband getting a job in Washington DC. We spent nearly 4 years there where I spent hours taking baby and pre-school kids music classes (under the wing of an amazing mentor - Amber Dutton and her company Meadowlark Music). I also took a course in Baby Massage Instruction with the IAIM. I have loved massaging my babies and thought it would be lovely to combine it with music for a really special experience. 
I have written many many songs for myself (again, with a brilliant mentor, international song writer Todd Wright) and for children and I'm ready to let the world hear them! So I have written a brand new programme of children's music classes. 
We now have 3 children, 5 and under and we're back living in St Albans. I still work one day a week for ITV London News as a reporter.
Why am I running these classes? I love making music; I love the power and joy of touch; I love meeting kids and their families and seeing the fun they get from music; and I get great happiness from doing a variety of things with music, people and my life.
((Hope that wasn't to cheesey?!! :-))